Quality service, quality product all organizations strive for a level of quality. Identifying an appropriate level of quality and then ensuring that it is maintained and delivered can be a distraction, a positive influence or a barrier to success. Process and consistency play the controlling role and simply done you can achieve your quality goals.


  • Objective is NOT perfection
  • Must define and deliver a level of quality that is critical to the success of your organization
  • Quality delivery is EVERYONE’s responsibility
  • It requires a champion at the top of the organization to ensure the subject receives the attention needed
  • Consistent ways of working are a basis for quality
  • Quality delivery should also consider efficient ways of working
  • To delivery quality an organization must honestly review and address failures


  • Quality Implementation is a change program like any other
  • Focus on training in the early stages so everyone is familiar with the new language and terms
  • The move to objectives of the quality system and ensure all staff understand their role in delivering them
  • Involve the staff in process development, under a guiding hand to ensure compliance
  • Consider using a collection of staff as internal auditors

Process Mapping

  • Quick and simple way to capture a process
  • Allows for decisions to be clearly identified and the workflow to be defined to avoid doubt and support consistency
  • Can be detailed on generic to suit the situation
  • Useful once a high-level overview is defined
  • Helps bring in people who hate long process
  • Remember though sometimes no excuse for words
  • Simply generated by scribing while someone describes the process


  • Essential part of QMS
  • Must simply review application of process
  • Should be done on problematic or key processes more often
  • Report it at the top level
  • Complete audits regularly and report on success to senior managers