Dealing with All Of The Things All Of The Time places a great amount of pressure on individuals, perfecting day to day tools techniques and behaviors can help us manage those pressures and achieve success.

Meetings must have:

  • Preparation
  • Objective(s)
  • Agenda, preferably with time constraints
  • Open forum to contribute for all in attendance
  • Resulting list of assigned actions (if no actions resulted, why hold the meeting?)
  • Solid leadership during the meeting to deliver the objective(s)

Running a meeting is an active positive action


  • Email is not part of any solid and robust process
  • Put instructions in the subject line e.g. (Review and comment) or (Request for approval)
  • Sending an email does not mean it will be read, ever
  • Lead or follow and email with a phone call
  • Respect that some people run their workday based on email
  • Develop a system to find email (if it is process critical)
  • Share inboxes – it’s organization NOT personal email

Time / Work Management

  • There is no such thing as time management
  • You CAN control your work
  • Take time to plan your own work
  • Create boundaries to protect your work – don’t answer every phone call or email immediately


  • Before you delegate accept the task may not be done they way you might do things yourself
  • Know that delegation is essential to accomplish significant tasks
  • Delegate tasks with a minimum of three key pieces of information
    • Authority – do not cause yourself to get back involved to oversee this is delegation
    • Clear description of what is required
    • Deadline – when must it be completed
  • If time allows add risks, advice, and other useful supporting information
  • Share the fact that you have delegated to key stakeholders