To break a business ignore the finance. To succeed in business get the finance right. Financial management varies depending on almost every aspect of your organization. What is always clear is that timely accurate information is priority one.


  • Cash is what kills businesses
  • Do not confuse accounting figures for cash
  • If you are not familiar with accounting, actively involve the accounting function in your organization
  • Cash is managed by balancing vendor payments and client payments – forecasting is important


  • Legislative compliance will drive a high level review typically annually.
  • Understand the financial variations of your organization and review indicators in accordance with those to organization specific
  • Review should take longer than generation of the information
  • You must complete reviews in a timely manner using current information
  • Consider trends of key financial indicators
  • Apply the gut check to all data being reviewed, do you believe what you are seeing


  • Purchasing must be subject to approval
  • People receiving purchases MUST not be responsible for authorizing payments
  • Manage cashflow buy timing purchases to balance needing the goods and spending your organizations money
  • Never abuse suppliers
  • As soon as you share payment risk with a supplier they become an informal partner in the work
  • Purchase against a defined and firm set of requirements
  • Ensure you are using appropriate terms and conditions