Configuration control is applicable to products, systems and even services. The management of configuration begins at the start of the delivery process and ends when your interaction with your client ends.

Principles (Categories)

  • Goal is to continually define, control, monitor the configuration of an item or service (consistency of supply) throughout its life
  • Key to successfully achieving this is traceability of documentation and record keeping of decisions
  • The third principle is to establish the proper authority to make key decisions

Process for configuration control

  • Definitions: What are you trying to control?
  • Authority: Who is in the decision making group?
  • Data Capture: Where and in what format will you document item or service configuration?
  • Timing: How often will you review the process to make sure it is effective?
  • Improvements: How will you manage improvements to the item or service to ensure configuration is maintained?
  • Negative changes: How will you limit the impact of things that limit your ability to maintain configuration control?