Strategy II – Keeping focused

Distractions are everywhere. Organizations are full of them, clients and suppliers create them all the time and people bring them in on a daily basis. So without even mentioning the core function of an organization, it is not unreasonable to forget strategy, deal with the distractions and get on with the day-to-day.

This can be acceptable providing one condition is met.

  • The organization contains enough people who are completing the key strategic actions.

‘Enough’ can be measured by confirming that the strategic actions are being completed by the defined dates. Making this assessment give you confidence or concern. If you achieve a positive at each assessment you can be confident that your organization should be progressing toward its goals.

Considering the opposite result correction is essential.

First, establish visibility of the strategic actions. They must be on the agenda at regular meetings, consider posting them visibly in workspaces. Make the most important actions for the progression of your organization unavoidable.

Next, establish accountability. This is a simple prospect if you have completed the visibility step successfully. Definition of ownership and peer review are required. Take care here to hold those accountable who have the capacity and skills to complete the actions – don’t set people up for failure.

Taking a small tangent to the ownership of strategic actions, there is a common mistake that senior managers take all the actions for themselves. Why?

Ego, a false belief that only senior managers can think strategically? Whatever the reason it is false. Effective senior managers are engaged in the day to day, they help direct work and contribute. They should contribute very effectively so why not engage all the staff. This is the simple trick, share the most important actions – accountability simply becomes part of the usual line management day to day.

Plus as an added bonus staff will feel engaged and part of the future.

Simple, strategic action delivery as part of normal business.