People, Process, Technology – A Golden Rule

As someone who is not a fan of absolute rules, this page is a challenge. My experience has seen one technique that was perfectly effective in one organization fail in another. Given the vast and wonderful differences that exist between one person and the next, this is not surprising.

This rule is the exception.

This rule is very simple and applies to every last piece of operations. All the things, all of the time must follow this rule.

For an operational change to be truly successful it must first be accepted by the right people, who must come together to define the new process before the application of technology.

I hope someone doubts the validity of the rule, allow me to offer some strong support.

Starting with the objective – a truly successful operational change. A change that helps the organization, makes it more efficient while keeping people happy and improving or protecting quality.

How can you achieve this without the involvement of the right people? How many people will blindly follow a directive? How many people who do a job have zero ideas on how to make it better?

See – pretty obvious – involve the right people.

Next process before technology.

I would suggest that every software/technology solution on the market must represent a compromise for every organization that uses it. This is a basic logical progression. technology suppliers want lots of customers, all organizations are different so technology solutions have to meet different needs and therefore compromise is required. Therefore the chances of finding a piece of technology that matches the process exactly – slim at best.

But perhaps you develop technology in-house – well how do you do that without first defining the process using the people who know it best?

Following this rule will also mean the people involved will have had the chance to shape the process that they are asked to follow – a nice benefit that should not be underestimated.

Inevitably technology will be employed but by following the rule you will understand what compromises that technology will force upon the process. This understanding is vital if you are to protect the process, enhance it and use technology to help rather than hinder your organization.

So People, Process, Technology – a rule to embrace and follow.

PPT – Ever onward