People reducing numbers


  • In the event, a staff member breaks rules or acts in such a way that they can no longer be employed, act immediately
  • When planning a reduction
    • Ensure that any reduction in numbers considers future resource plans
    • Reduce numbers considering salary, skill set, capabilities, flexibility
  • Consider the fallout – will there be collateral damage or negative consequences


  • Never ever forget the process is about the person/people being fired, it is worse for them ALWAYS
  • Don’t pull the punch – tell them immediately
  • Have a plan of what to say – do not be ambiguous
  • Layout the next steps, be specific and stay with people during the process
  • Ensure that the delivery is from a relevant person


  • Maintain detailed documentation of the decision-making process, the process and the specific information communicated
  • Ensure the decisions impacted by legislation are captured
  • It is essential that decisions are made by those in positions of authority and documented


  • Talk to the remaining staff, give any possible assurances
  • Layout plans for future
  • Be prepared to answer questions in detail, allow time for this and make this an open process