People management is always relevant. Operationally the focus is on finding, developing and retaining the right people. This simple task should go beyond simple interviews and basic performance reviews. The challenge increases as organizations grow and also because of the only truth in people, they change.


  • Resource plans continually reviewed should provide clear indications of need to hire
  • Remember that rarely does need to equate to available resource without a significant delay
  • Need can often be met in different ways
  • It is true that organizations hire too late
  • Most important is that a clear statement of the need should drive the resulting advertisement and job description
  • Be prepared for the significant effort that hiring staff involves


  • Advertise in the appropriate place
  • Do not write the advertisement for the person you may have just lost, write it to encourage applicants
  • Limit essential skills and experience as these constraints limit applicants
  • Do not always be hiring, and limit how long opportunities remain open


  • Involve multiple people in assessment of applicants
  • Be consistent with a set of guiding principles
  • Have levels of assessment to make screening applications quick
  • Know what combination of testing, interview and assessment are relevant to the position being filled


  • Make the best offer you can
  • Layout big information, and specific details of key expectations
  • Ensure you request a response by certain date
  • State a latest expected start date


  • Resist the temptation to get people to work immediately
  • Induction is the most important training employees will receive
  • Plan an induction programme that extends beyond what people must know to function but that gives them an introduction to the culture of the organization
  • Include time with representatives from all levels of the organization