Internal Relationships

By definition and organization has internal relationships. Clearly, without positive relationships, your organization will not perform at its best. This does not mean everyone must be the best of friends far from it, what you need is positive relationships that facilitate the organization’s purpose.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do work toward positive relationships that benefit all involved
  • Do take time to develop relationships and once established maintain them
  • Don’t sabotage relationships of others
  • Don’t enter into relationships with hidden goals and objectives, it will destroy trust


  • To act without integrity is to let down your colleagues
  • Failure to act with integrity will quickly lead to conflict and will become part of the culture if allowed to continue
  • Without integrity, there is little value in what you or your organization have achieved, despite potential financial indications to the contrary


  • The basics of professionalism are all ways to demonstrate respect for others and in turn to earn the respect of your colleagues
    • Punctuality – your time is as valuable as everyone else, no more, no less
    • Appearance – dress appropriately for your environment
    • Listening – an organization will always achieve more than individuals and this starts with listening and never pre-judging the input of others
    • Diligence – work hard, do your best and try to deliver, play your part
    • Fairness – treat everyone equally – because why wouldn’t you?
    • Honesty – tell people everything you can, withholding information is the beginning of games in the workplace
    • Simply put act in a way that you would have others treat you


  • Conflict is not always bad, and often essential
  • Conflict does not have to mean a breakdown of a relationship if appropriately handled
  • Even when in a conflict, NEVER state that the other side of the conflict ALWAYS do X or NEVER to Y – it gives no room to continue toward a solution
  • Conflicts may required a third party to broker an agreement
  • Everyone MUST have the decency to adhere to the resolution once the period of conflict is over