External Relationships

Organizations should treat relationships with the same values as individuals. Relationships require work, attention and care and mutual respect. The complex nature of organizations makes all of these things more difficult. An organization that fails to maintain positive external relationships will make many things more challenging than they need to be and therefore reduced their effectiveness.


  • You can map your relationships with people or organizations as a way to capture and communicate internally
  • Pick two relevant axis e.g. Ability to Support vs. Interest or Control vs. Share Objectives and set a range for them
  • Position the people or organizations on one or more charts
  • Communicate this to your teams
  • Use the maps to inform decision making and communication styles
  • Update the maps regularly as things change over time

Improving & Maintaining

  • Work on positive experiences – this will lead to trust. This is within the context of business or outside
  • Deliver on the basics, be available, do what you say you will do not backtrack on decisions
  • If you are working to repair a bad relationship, consider adding an individual who arrives with no baggage and history to act as liaison for a period of time, to manage the boundary