Management of change is essential for an organization to grow develop and in many cases survive in its market place. Whether large or small change must be effectively managed to ensure the desired outcome is achieved avoiding collateral damage.

Identifying or Characteristics of…

  • Change in management speak needs to be managed if it is permanent
  • It will cause stress and receive resistance from people in different measures
  • It can become a habit, check you are not continually changing
  • Beware changes in management personnel, incoming managers will often repeat errors through failure to understand previous changes
  • Remember change can come from anyone it is not solely the preserve of senior management

Understand before starting

  • What is the reason for the change?
  • Who will it impact?
  • Who gives the authority to make sure it happens?
  • What internal/external factors contributed to the reason for change?
  • How long should it take?

Process for better change:

  • Define the objective and scope and share that with those who are impacted
  • Restrict the timescale as the stopping point, NOT a measure of success
  • Identify those who will resist, work with them
  • Regularly check yourself against goals and timescale
  • Monitor the internal and external drivers for change, if these alter – and they often do – review your objectives