All of the things, all of the time


The success of any business is defined by how well it is manages, “all of the things, all of the time” (AOTT2).

The things range from clients and contracts to staff and pensions. Environmental assessments to configuration management. Innovation and development to routine reporting and taxes.

  • Every – thing – draws on the time available;
  • Every – thing – has a priority;
  • Every – thing – has to receive attention if you are to be successful.

Management of all the things is operations – and that is the subject of this blog.

I will ensure the advice imparted here is considered, clear, practical and most importantly applicable to everyone; staff, managers, owners and anyone else with an interest in seeing businesses achieve success.

Read on – contribute, comment and share your own experiences and ideas.

Lastly, some time has to be given to things outside of operations, work and business. Here is what I am working on some of the time.